Quality Assurance



PWA approvals:

  • AMS 2436
  • PWA 46, 49, 50, 52, 53, & 257 per MCLF-22, E-58, & K158
  • PWA 106
  • CPW 33 per FC-35

Boeing approvals:

  • HP 15-51
  • HP 18-12
  • HP 30-4

Sikorsky approvals:

  • SS 8705

Continuous Improvement

Our employees participate in a system to Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement and Control (DMAIC) situations proactively on jobs and processes that they know are not running up to calculated expectations. This way of thinking benefits the company, our customers (both internal & external) and our most important assets, our employees themselves. Our initial Continuous Improvement Program began in 1999, and yielded substantial employee input and significant company, employee, and customer gains. We have on staff a Continuous Improvement Champion, with consulting experience, to sustain and improve on prior gains.

Hygrade is strongly committed to maintaining our status as a World Class Manufacturer, through Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing processes. We run regular Kaizen events that target all areas of our business from Quoting to Shipping, and involve everyone at Hygrade. Striving to become Lean has become our culture. Our People look for ways to eliminate waste on a daily basis. Through continuous effort to reduce setup times, implement standard work and one-piece flow, we have significantly improved our service to the customer by shortening lead times and improving quality.

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