Flat Grinding

Double Side Grinding

Both sides of your part are simultaneously ground to precise dimensions for thickness, flatness, parallelism and microfinish.  Thin parts are a natural application for double disc grinding.

Melchiorre ELC 800

Twin wheel grinding, driven by 3 variable speed motors for maximum process control flexibility.  Operated through a color graphical interface to a programmable control with in-process grinding plate flattening.

Blanchard Grinding to 60”

Our large diameter flatness capability is tooled to grind various magnetic and non-magnetic materials such as aluminum and exotic stainless steels.


  • Vertical Spindle Rotary Table (Blanchard Type) Grinding Capacity up to 60.000” Diameter.
  • Double-Sided Grinding Capacity up to 9.000” Diameter.
  • Surface Grinding Capacity up to 12.000” x 24.000”
  • Rotary Surface Grinding Capacity up to 19.000” Diameter x 6.000” Height
  • Horizontal Spindle Paddle Grinding with Twin 75HP Spindles and Electronic Gaging with Capacity up to 14.000” Diameter
  • Vertical Spindle Rotary Carrier Disc Grinding Capacity up to 8.500” Diameter

Hygrade is the largest and most experienced flat grinding resource in the Northeast.

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